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My Story

Hi, welcome, and thank you for having a look at my website, Hope, Heal and Health.  My name is Michelle, and I am a qualified Integrative Healing Practitioner, also known as a health coach.  Please take your time and read my journey of chronic illness to health.


My chronic health problems started when I was a small child.  I was constantly having tonsilitis and was taking antibiotics almost weekly.  I was very shy, timid child that didn’t want to leave home and was also very shy in social situations.  I suffered with psoriasis all over my body.  I believe my illnesses started because the antibiotics I took for tonsilitis was weakening my body and causing severe gut problems.  Eventually later in life I found it wasn’t in fact tonsilitis, but it was glandular fever (no wonder it kept coming back).  I was also a very fussy eater and would not eat of any kind of nutrient dense foods my diet consisted of just beige foods (which now I think back I probably showed some huge signs of autism)


I have seen many practitioners over the years which included western medicines, Chinese doctors, homeopathic doctors, hormonal doctors, osteopathy, hair, and mineral analysis specialists and so many more.  I spent a lot of time and money focusing on my health and going round in circles, feeling frustrated.  I have also tried and tested every supplement under the sun and gone through huge healing crisis during the time of trying new things.


My life took a turn for the worst when I had a miscarriage at 10 weeks, and this came with many horrible symptoms.  Then a couple of years later, I got pregnant with my daughter.  When I was pregnant, I started to suffer very bad anxiety attacks and I thought this was just a pre-birth situation and would disappear after I had the baby (I believe this now to be trauma related as my body was not recovered from the miscarriage).  


I had my baby girl in 2014 and it was a very quick birth being three hours from door to door.  All was going well but, in the hospital, I started to feel very unwell and would see zig zag lines in my eyes.  The nurses checked me over and they said I was ok.  The zig zag lines went away, and I finally was allowed home.  I started to get severe anxiety/depression, the anxiety was so bad I couldn’t go out of my house, the depression was so bad I couldn’t stop thinking negative thoughts (known as racing thoughts).  I believe this now to be post-natal depression.  My left side of my body felt like it was completed twisted and my neck pain was also very bad.  I had all this fluid in my head/ears and nose.  


I went to see various practitioners and they confirmed I had extreme adrenal fatigue and all I needed to do was to have good food and rest my body.  I also went to see a hypnotherapist which helped but my body was so depleted in nutrients that I just got worse and worse.  I remember waking up one day and not being able to walk properly without shaking so much.  The day I went to see my hypnotherapist.  I felt quite calm and after my session we decided to go out for dinner, this must have been the worst decision ever because that day I got severe food poisoning and for me this was MY BREAKING POINT.


I then started to get very bad insomnia and my blood sugar regulations were if I didn’t eat protein/fat every two hours then I would pass out, this went on for many months and I remember one summer not being able to go out at all because my body was so weak (being bedridden).  I would look out the window everyday hoping one day I would be able to take my kids out.  I was so exhausted of being in constant flight and fight mode.  All symptoms were bad, but the brain fog was debilitating.  Trying to send a message would take me hours.  This was the worst stage of my life especially with two small kids to look after.


I knew by going to a medical Dr they couldn’t and wouldn’t be able to fix my illnesses and I didn’t want to be seen as just another patient on Anti-Depressant tablets.  I spent many nights on Google trying to go through every symptom I had (It was like my obsession).  I spent many months trying out different things which is a very expensive route to go down and sometimes can make you feel even worse.  Detoxifying your body without the foundation on board can be very hard on your body.


After searching I found a practitioner who listened to me and started to work on my vitamins, minerals, adrenals, hormones, and thyroid and gradually got me to a place again where I was able to function daily, and I felt amazing.  


I have extensive knowledge because of what I have been through and hoping one day I can be there to help and support other people guide them through and offer talk to them if they need someone to talk to.  As this was key to me getting through the days.  I never thought I would heal, and I thought my life would always be like this.  


There are many other reasons I have turned to being an Integrative Healing Practitioner was to also help my family/fiends who also have had some chronic health issues too.  I also enjoy what I do very much.


I am passionate about what I do, and the passion comes from experiencing all the things I have been through. 


Are you ready to start the healing process and get to the root cause.  I am ready if you are!

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